The best thing about teaching classes is getting to meet the wonderful guests that come through our kitchen. We love getting to know you guys, and it appears the feeling is mutual! Here's what some of our happy customers have to say:

— Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman on our Chilled Beet Soup at Taste of the Nation, New Haven
I’m a novice cook and easily intimidated by gourmet recipes, but with hopes of finally learning to make pesto sauce using fresh, local basil, I recently enrolled in Heide’s Summer Pasta class. In addition to being a first rate chef, Heide has a teaching style that is professional, informative, warm and encouraging. I can now make the best pesto sauce I’ve ever tasted, but more importantly I learned that preparing gourmet food does not need to be difficult, time consuming or intimidating.
— Krystn W., Summer Pasta
Heide’s classes have helped my partner and I spice up our dinner recipes and escape our cooking rut. After attending Heide’s farmer’s market class, we rushed to make the chilled borscht with tzatziki at home and impressed friends with it. Sara and I enjoyed our experience so much that I decided to take my mother to the pesto and pasta class. It was another great night of laughter, good company and amazing food. Heide is energetic, funny and makes everyone feel at home in her kitchen. I can’t wait to learn more from her!
— Lauren T., Farmers' Market
The immediate feeling of calm and beauty glimpsed in that first moment foretold the lovely tea you had planned for us. You collected the ingredients and prepared each recipe down to the grains of salt, even using adorable dishes to hold them. You gave each of us an opportunity to help, letting us get the feel of each one. It was fun and informal, but when we sat down at your table, it was suddenly very elegant and we all felt like princesses!
— Betty W., Ladies' Tea
I had great fun at the class. I love watching the young couples so earnest in their appreciation of cooking, and participating together. I was amazed and greatly impressed at your whole set-up, and your ability to cook, direct others, and entertain all while a scrumptious meal almost magically materialized.
— Veronica M., Southern Comfort
Yesterday we had some family over and we made the meal you taught us... it came out amazing! Everyone loved it and kept raving about how this was the best salmon they’ve ever had. The whole meal came out awesome! We will definitely be making it again.
— Mike and Elizabeth F.
Fig Cooking School provided professional service for our recent cooking class event for our NE region team and we appreciate Heide Lang her considerate, prompt and friendly service, especially considering we planned the meeting with less than 2 weeks-notice from the event date!
— Lou C., Wolfgang Puck Teambuilding Event
Thank you for helping me make such a wonderful night for my sister’s bachelorette party. I know the girls and I had so much fun. We were able to laugh, hang out and really enjoy each others company all while learning how to make an amazing meal. Heide was so kind and patient with us and the best part of the night was we were all able to go home with the recipes we made so we can try to re-create them on our own. This was such a fun experience I already want to plan another cooking party.
— Sherri L., Private Bachelorette Party
What an amazing evening! As a corporate executive, I’m always on the lookout for a unique entertaining event targeting my customers. Heide helped create an event that brought together a dozen area business executives & owners. We opted for the theme “Viva Italia”. Everyone chose a role, from those that sliced & diced to others who spent their time quietly socializing and only paying attention long enough to take a taste. In the end, we all came together for a fantastic meal. Since then, several of the attendees emailed me to say what a wonderful time they had. A big thanks to Heide and her 5-Star staff!
— Jenny K., Fed-Ex Team Building Event
I just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary night! I had the most amazing experience at your class on Friday and cannot wait to come back again. I’ve gone to many other cooking classes in the past but I knew there was something about you that clicked with me and it was the best cooking experience I’ve had to date. My sister is great at giving the most unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts but this one, by far, was the best!
— Vanessa P.
In a prior life I was in the restaurant business, so I know something about food and cooking. I have been to some of the finest restaurants in the USA and Europe, and I had the best Steak au Poivre yesterday at Fig that I’ve ever had in my life. Heide just has a way with food, and she’s fun and happy and all else that goes with making a cooking class enjoyable.
— Brenda M., Steak au Poivre
We all threw on an apron and got ready to work as a team. We mixed, cored and chopped to what would be one of the best meals any of us have ever had. Heide was a great hostess and I would recommend visiting her for an event or even as a husband and wife team. Great times and even better food!
— Bill D., Schick Team Building Event
I could quit my job tomorrow, no regrets, and work as the host in your restaurant if you promised to serve this soup.
— Anonymous, on tasting our Chilled Corn Soup with Avocado and Chipotle Cream
I recently attended one of Heide Lang’s cooking classes and was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned. I considered myself a pretty good cook but little did I know. Heide involved every student in the process. The class was was fun, lighthearted and very useful in my everyday cooking - I’ve made all the recipes at home since the class.
— Karla M., Soups
Thank you for such a fantastic event! The team had only good things to say and the food was delicious! Your team made all the recipes a breeze and the feedback from the attendees was 5 stars across the board! I wouldn’t hesitate to have another cooking event with you and your team! Thanks again!
— Kris C., Versacomm Team Building Event
I just wanted to send you a (belated) thank you for the wonderful Valentine’s Dinner cooking class. I had the best time getting out and meeting some new people and the food was amazing. And best of all I loved learning some new recipes and skills. Your class got me excited about cooking again, and even excited about baking which I had pretty much sworn off!
— Cara M., Valentines Dinner
We had such an enjoyable time on Saturday. Everyone loved the food, the atmosphere and the instructor! Your kitchen is a beautiful setting. We were all talking about the food at my nephew’s birthday party yesterday. Amazing, yummy, delicious! Thanks for giving us a wonderful experience and for all your attention to detail leading up to and including our class. Jeff truly enjoyed it and it was a great way to celebrate his 40th.
— Karla N., Private Party