Asian Supermarket

532 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

Intensely unassuming, this little store looks from the outside like a generic Chinese grocery store but has acquired local legend status for the almost unfathomable selection of East and Southeast Asian ingredients it fits into one tiny storefront. East/Southeast Asian food is the one key area where India Farmer’s Market lacks, but Asian Supermarket more than picks up the slack. We’ve found the stock to be particularly impressive on Chinese, Filipino, Thai and Japanese ingredients, but their selection of Korean and Vietnamese groceries is also formidable. They don’t just have the ingredients you can’t find, they have Choices with a capital C. Soy pastes and sauces, fish pastes and sauces, vinegars on vinegars, oils on oils, shrimps on shrimps. They’ve got ube and mango ice creams imported from the Philippines, boba, taro powder, and straws for your bubble tea, 10 flavors of Pocky, and the most intimidating wall of noodles you've ever seen (distinct from the wall of instant ramen - that’s a different wall). The fact that they have Kewpie mayonnaise, gochujang, furikake, and spring roll wrappers becomes almost unimpressive. Do you know anywhere else in CT you can buy fresh kaffir lime leaves 10/$1? Neither do we.

Favorite Items: We’re just getting started here, but we’re big into sweetened black vinegar, soy paste, Viet Huong fish sauce, and Lee Kum Kee chili bean sauce (toban djan). They also sell rainbow tapioca pearls and straws for bubble tea,