1718 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460, and lots of other places

Costco is so much more than a cost-saving measure. Because they have so much sway in the grocery world, they are the best source of many ingredients. Their olive oil, in particular, is consistently praised by critics, and their ribeye steak is kind of crazy good (there isn’t a butcher we’ve found in the state that sells better). They often have super plump whole vanilla beans for comparatively cheap, they sell this brand of bacon from Canada (not Canadian bacon, to clarify) that we swear could make a person cry, and their cranberry walnut bread is comparable to Pain D’Avignon (if you know you know). An increasingly known secret is also that their Kirkland brand wine and spirits are made of excess from top suppliers. Taste their $38.18 year single malt Scotch and thank us later.

If you have to pick one price club, make it Costco. If you don’t think you need to buy things in bulk, remember that many things keep, and many things freeze.

Favorite Items: Extra virgin olive oil, ribeye steak, vanilla beans, cranberry-walnut bread, the bacon with the Canadian flag on it, virtually all Kirkland brand spirits.