Shoprite of Milford

935 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

We know what you’re thinking, but hold your judgment for a hot second. Shoprite of Milford (independently owned, as all Shoprites are) is in a league of its own – so much that we almost put it on the best-of list. We really only moved it down because we thought it might get lost up there. Aside from just generally being a really good grocery store, two specific things make this place stand out. First of all, the produce section really rocks. It’s no Farmers India Market, but it kicks butt for daily produce. And when it comes to specialty fruits and vegetables (watermelon radishes, pink lemons, blood oranges, Asian pears) it knocks Whole Foods out of the water. But the most special part of this Shoprite by far is Dave the Fish Guy. We’re not sure what we did in a past life to deserve Dave, but it must have been insane. A former fishmonger, Dave un-retired recently to bring us lowly Shoprite shoppers the best seafood in CT. Not only is the case regularly stocked with the freshest top-sourced salmon, tuna, mussels, and more, but he can get you anything you want if you ask him to order it. You know when you open salmon and it doesn’t smell like fish at *all*? Every time. We’re also not sure if this is a Dave thing or just a Shoprite but you can buy crawfish (whole or just the meat) brought in from Louisiana in the freezer next to the display case. So that’s pretty great.

Favorite Items: Fish, cool fruits and vegetables, solid daily shopping.